About KCN

As representatives of KCN, we set about to inviting the rest of the world to share and learn about the miracle of Kefir and it’s profound benefits. We feel everyone should have the opportunity to experience the Kefir-enhanced quality of living.

At KCN, people’s health is our top priority – and that of the delicate environment we find ourselves faced with today.

Through a field of exciting ideas and revolutionary Australian born concepts KCN is exhilarated to be able to bring you it’s range of products that are not only practical but extremely affordable, highly reliable and developed for easy home use.

To start you off, we have included a range of insightful ideas and recipe’s for incorporating Kefir in your daily diet. We are genuinely interested in your true to life testimonials of the benefits Kefir has brought to you. We sincerely invite you to tell us how Kefir has influenced your life through our feedback form.

We feel if you tell just one other person about the special way in which KCN has impacted on your life, then, more fortunate people will have positively gained, having had the experience of Kefir.

Contact Us:

Kefir Culture Natural

96 Kenilworth Road

Eumundi, QLD 4562 Australia

Fax No: (07) 5442 8726 (Australia) or +61 75442 8726 (International)

For general enquiries: email us at info@kefir.com.au