Kefir E-Book



  • Fresh Kefir the best Probiotic for your Health.
  • Easy to make with the use of the Kefir Maker.
  • One time purchase, fresh Kefir for Life
  • 50 billion colony forming units per teaspoon
  • 70% of your Immune System resides in your Gut.
  • Restore your Health with one glass of Kefir daily. 
  • Can use different types of milk or liquids
  • Full kit to start with detailed Instructions
  • Pure freeze-dried culture produced in Australia
  • Worldwide shipping


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This beautifully presented E-Book is a comprehensive look into the world of Kefir. It is essential reading to give you all the knowledge to produce fresh and healthy Kefir on a continuous basis. It has a comprehensive Recipe and Beauty section as to explore the many uses of Kefir. Also included in this E-Book is a trouble shooting section for any problems that you may encounter. It was written by an Australian author that has had extensive experience with the Kefir Culture for many years and a lifetime of literary experience. The Kefir E-Book is sold separately and as an integral part of The Customer Starter Pack. (Digital download)