Dear KCN,

I would never have believed it was true that my daughter Rochelle would ever begin to lead a healthy normal life. Rochelle is just 7 years old and is lactose intolerant. This means that there are a wide variety of foods that she just can’t eat. Now with the use of the Kefir culture, she drinks Kefir made with milk without one ill reaction, and not only that but I have found that I can bake with Kefir in place of milk, and I have even made a cheese that Rochelle loves. Thank you KCN for showing me an alternative I may otherwise not have found. Kefir is invaluable in our lives.Jackie Powel - Canada

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am really enjoying your kefir. The nicest yoghurt I have ever had was buffalo milk yoghurt in India, and the kefir reminds me very much of that – very soft and delicate, without a strong flavour. Using your kit, it is also so easy to make. Janet Rogers - Australia

To the Directors of KCN,

My name is Graham McDowell and I live in Gosport in England. I am 92 years old so forgive me that my daughter Anita is writing on my behalf. I want to say that with age I now have a list of ailments longer than my long-johns. My main complaint is that of my bowels. It seemed that the only sign of regularity I have experienced for some years is that regularly I had to seek medical intervention for my movements and at my age let me tell you it’s no pleasure for the poor nurses, bless them. I’ve been using your Kefir for a year now and let me tell you that at 6am like clockwork the paper disappears from my front porch, and is rustling behind that of my lavatory door, and I am pleased to say that I enjoy the comics more than I have ever before. Keep up the good work.Graham Gosport - UK

To KCN: Dear Danny, Wolf and Ian,
As you know I am a writer of the Y2K problem and the potential threats we face if even a little of what I have learnt actually happens. My opinion is that the Kefir Culture has to be the best preservation method I have come across and so I would like to order an additional 50 starter kits for my readers and colleagues. Anyone serious about protecting themselves in the new millennium through probiotics would have to consider Kefir.
Greg Heath - Rockhampton QLD

Dear KCN,
The magic of Kefir has touched my life. I was in the garden pruning my roses and accidentally cut my finger very badly. As I have a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics there was not much the doctor could do when it became infected. So I began wrapping the infected finger with a little Kefir and to my surprise within just two days the infection had all but cleared and the swelling reduced by half. I hope you can use this letter in your testimonial section and that others may benefit from it as I have done. Thank you.
Jane Allen. - Beaumant S.A.

To whom it may concern,
I want to make a short statement for your testimonial page. I am not a milk drinker at all so I set my Kefir in soy. With a little fruit added I just love it for breakfast every morning. My daughter Janie is a teen and has a great deal of acne on her face. She takes medication for the problem but still gets very sore pimples. We started mixing a little Kefir into some witch hazel and applying it each night before she goes to bed, and now I am glad to say that her face remains softer and although she still has some acne, the large sore ones have completely gone. Thank you for the idea from your book and I hope others learn the value in Kefir as I have.
P. Rodgers - New Zealand

Dear readers,
I want to make a statement to an unusual use of Kefir that I have found. I have two dogs, both live on my farm and consequently are prone to ticks. Bobby my beloved cattle dog is sadly affected by ticks to the extent that he scratches the inflamed area so much, he leaves it hairless and raw. This seemed to agitate him more and I couldn’t stop him from biting at the area making it worse. Now I smother the area with Kefir and cover it (to stop him eating it off) and within two days the skin has healed enough to stop him biting at it. The Kefir seems to relieve the irritation for Bobby and he now leads a more normal doggy life.
Robert Harding - Sunshine Coast QLD.

To Debra Norman,
You are right, Kefir is a magical tenderiser. Thanks for the tip. S. Cosgrove - Sydney Australia.

Dear KCN,
On my last trip to Switzerland, I took a KCN Kefir maker for my mother to try. I am pleased to say that she loves it and I now need 10 more Starter Kits to send to her as she has my whole family eating her Kefir when they visit. Thanks. Val Fredre. - QLD.

To Danny,
I am going away and want to take my Kefir with me. How may I package it safely for my trip? Jean Parker - Sydney Australia

Well Jean, simply place your Kefir in a little milk and put it back into the plastic container that came with your starter kit. This container will seal tightly to avoid any leaks and will keep the culture alive while you travel. Remember that when you arrive at your destination to replace the milk and pop it into the fridge or use it as normal. Have a safe trip Jean. Regards - Danny

I’ve become a Kefir fan since ordering the starter kit. I especially love the soft cheese that remains after leaving it in cheese cloth in a strainer in the fridge for a couple days after maturity. We often add Stevia for sweetening with vanilla flavoring and enjoy a fabulous new food, which we eat alone or use as a topping over fruit. Ummmm Good! My daughter-in-law is on a restricted diet because of Candida, so she has been eager to find a substitute for cream cheese. Kefir is allowed on her diet, so I can’t wait to share it with her. Kay
P.S. Can you tell me the carbohydrate percentages in Kefir? Doris Burns - Cleveland, Tennessee, USA

Dear Doris,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your kind words in the feedback form you sent to us. We will be honored to include your testimonial in our testimonials page during our next web page up date. Your question was: What is the total carbohydrate found in Kefir? Our resident Microbiologist performed composition tests on the final Kefir product. Her files indicate that the total carbohydrate / sugars found in the milk you are currently using are actually fermented or consumed during the Kefir making process. The end result of this fermentation is the production of Lactic acid and other by products. Therefore the total carbohydrate levels are negligible. I hope this gives you the information you require and am only too happy to be able to answer any further questions you may have regarding Kefir.
May you live with great health and prosperity Deb - Kefir Culture Natural