Kefir Drink

Why drink kefir, you may ask. Kefir tops the list of endorsed fermented drinks and foods that have healthy benefits. The creamy fermented milk drink is similar to drinkable yoghurt and it is made from kefir grains fermenting milk. The probiotic nature of the drink is what makes it very beneficial. There are however so many other reasons why you should consider drinking kefir on a regular basis.

  1. It has a long list of health benefits including improving intestinal tract health, boosting immunity, decreasing allergies and even reducing cancer risks. Kefir also lowers serum cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. There is just so much you stand to gain with regular drinking of kefir.
  2. It is better than probiotic supplements because it contains more healthy bacteria. The drink is actually much better than antibiotics so consider getting a drink next time you are about to take antibiotics for any condition.
  3. Kefir nullifies damage caused by antibiotics. The fact is that antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria once taken, leaving you with a miserable digestive system. Kefir can help restore the friendly bacteria to optimal levels.
  4. It is so much more than just ordinary yoghurt. This is because it contains beneficial bacteria lacking in normal yoghurt such as leuconostoc, Caucasus, saccharomyces and streptococcus among others.
  5. It is loaded with healthy nutrients including enzymes, minerals and vitamins as well as amino acids, which are protein building blocks that support optimal functioning of the body. It is actually a great source of tryptophan amino acid that calms the nervous system and promotes better sleep. Vitamins such as B1 and B12 regulate the nervous system, liver and kidneys and also relieve a number of skin disorders.
  6. Kefir can be made at home and enjoyed by everyone, including children and the sick. It is simply a healthy drink and not a drug or supplement therefore spreading its benefits across the board. Those with lactose intolerance can also enjoy the drink because the bacteria consume the lactase during the fermentation process.
  7. It is a potent detoxifier that helps flush out toxins and fight infections in the process. The cleaner the system the healthier you are hence the regular intakes of kefir offers long term benefitsDrinkable Kefir
  8. Kefir can be made with different types of milk, including dairy, goat and other non-dairy milk like almond and coconut oil. You can actually use spring water to enjoy the same benefits from your kefir drink. It’s flexibility that makes it possible for you to enjoy your kefir using what is readily available to you.
  9. The drink has no side effects and you can therefore drink as much as you want and still stand the chance to reap only positive effects. You are actually healthier when you include kefir in your daily diet plan.
  10. With proper handling, kefir can help in controlling weight!

There are so many reasons why you should from today consider drinking kefir on a regular basis. You will love what you get.