Homemade Kefir- 6 Reasons why it is Better than bought form the Store

One of the conveniences that come with kefir is the fact that you can actually prepare some at home. A kefir maker kit can be very helpful and it is possible to follow very easy steps to make your own valuable kefir at home. Actually preparing your own
kefir can be a very good idea because the homemade kefir has a number of advantages over the kefir that you buy ready from the stores.


  1. Homemade kefir saves you money

    Homemade Kefir

    Homemade Kefir with Berries and Mint

When you make your kefir at home, you reduce the cost to what you buy the milk for. It is much cheaper to buy the needed ingredients. You then follow a simple process of achieving the best results with your drink. If you like trying new things, then you should consider making your own kefir at home next time.

  1. Homemade kefir has less waste

With going green now being the campaign across the globe, you will be happy to know that you can save the environment when you choose your homemade kefir. This is because the process does not involve the use of plastic bottles that end up in all the wrong places and are hardly recycled. You can culture it in glass jars that are easier to use and are reusable.

  1. Homemade kefir saves you from plastic toxins and BPA


They are common with plastics and can leech into the drink or food they are holding. By using glass jars to store your kefir, the exposure to toxins and BPA is avoided and hence you can enjoy your drink without any worries. Please comment on our Facebook page here:

  1. Homemade kefir lasts long

This is in the sense that after buying your culture you can use it over and over again. You buy once and you can enjoy your kefir milk for as long as you wish. This is not only convenient but it also saves you money you would have otherwise used to go to the store every time you need kefir.

  1. Homemade kefir offers you excellent flexibility

This is flexibility in the sense that you can freely decide what milk to use, how much kefir to make, what flavouring or additional supplements to include in and the level of sweetness that works for you. With all decisions depending on what appeals to you the most, you can be sure to make kefir that you will love to enjoy every time. For instance, you can add fresh bananas, apple pieces, and cinnamon and also experiment with different types of milk, including goat and sheep milk or other non-dairy milks like coconut and almond milk among others.

  1. Homemade kefir is much fresher

Your drink does not have to go through a long process of bottling, storage and transportation before reaching  you which can alter freshness. When you make your own, you know you are taking the freshest kefir available which also means it is richer in probiotics considering that some of the bacteria and yeast can die or weaken before you get to buy the kefir in stores. The homemade kefir also has more healthy yeast strains and bacteria, making it denser in probiotics. Another factor to consider is that you are controlling the quality and the origin of your “Kefir Mother Culture” that determines the overall quality of the product.

Homemade Kefir

In closing I hope that you join thousands of people that take the minimal effort needed to nourish the body with homemade kefir for optimal health. I am certain that you will not regret it.