Kefir fruit and grain BreakfastKefir is a cultured dairy product that is made by fermenting milk and kefir grains that are made up of yeast, polysaccharides and lactic acid bacteria. The product is very popular because it is rich in probiotics leading to great health benefits to those who add it to their diets. The fermented milk can be sheep, goat or cow milk and tastes so much like drinkable yoghurt. The one thing that makes kefir beneficial to health is because it has high levels of calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12, biotin, Vitamin K2, enzymes, folate and of course the probiotics.

Considering that this healthy drink does not have any standardized nutritional content, its value can be determined by the cultures, cows and the region from where it’s produced. But even with the range of values, kefir is very superior in nutrition. Below are some of the health benefits of drinking it.

Boosts immune system – The probiotics found in kefir are what work towards boosting immunity and keeping you healthy. The drink replenishes healthy bacteria essential in fighting germs and viruses that cause illnesses. The probiotics are actually much better than antibiotic therapy because it eliminates the infectious agents and resolves the symptoms at the same time.

Improves the digestive function – Kefir has shown to greatly improve lactose intolerance because the bacteria it has breaks down milk lactose thus allowing smooth digestion to take place even in individuals who suffer from the intolerance.

Promotes overall relaxation and health – Kefir has tranquilizing and calming effects and for this reason it can  be used to relieve conditions such as intestinal disorders, fatigue, sleeping difficulties and depression. Those suffering from ADHD also gain a great deal thanks to these effects.

Fights cancer – Kefir has important nutrients that have shown the ability to suppress or slow down cancerous tumors. Regular consumption of the drink can actually help stop the growth of breast cancer. This benefit has brought a lot of hope to scientists as far as the prevention and treatment of cancer in the future is concerned.

Builds bone density – It increases absorption of bone building calcium, minerals and also magnesium reducing risks of osteoporosis. Probiotics in kefir achieve improved nutrient absorption, improving the density of bones in the process thus keeping issues at bay.

Kefir Herb Dip

Easy to make healthy Kefir Herb Dip

Relieves asthma and allergies – It does this by suppressing inflammatory markers thus giving positive effects on asthma and allergies. The drink has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in the prevention of asthma.



Supports detoxification – Since kefir is rich in lactic acid bacteria, it kills aflatoxins and funguses which alter DNA that causes immune reactions and allergies. It in the process helps in preserving a healthy genetic expression. Considering that the toxic agents are all over, it is more beneficial to drink kefir on a regular basis to help in the detoxification process.

Kills candida – Destructive yeasts and bacteria lead to lots of candida issues. Since kefir has good bacteria, it helps remove the toxins, including the bad bacteria. It is for this reason that women who suffer from yeast infections are advised to drink kefir on a regular basis.