Kefir the Champagne of Yoghurt

Kefir The Champagne of Yoghurt

Kefir is one of our most valuable food resources, yet few people know what Kefir is. We all keep our bodies healthy on the outside yet do we keep our bodies healthy  on the inside?

Kefir has been called the champagne of milk. Different milks create different tastes. Fresher milk makes a better tasting product. Your taste buds will come to appreciate the subtle natural flavour. Of course you may add any flavourings you like. Honey is an excellent natural flavouring for the Kefir – perfect!

Kefir is a cultured milk product much like yoghurt. Kefir originated in the northern area of the Caucasus Mountains; here it was called ‘Ayran’ and was usually made with cow’s or goat’s milk.

The traditional fermentation was a continuous culturing process in that the milk and Kefir grains were mixed in leather sacks and fresh milk added, when available, as the finished Kefir was gradually removed. It is said that the ‘secret’ of the Kefir grains and Kefir production was kept from the rest of the world for so long because the grains were given to the people by the Prophet Mohammad. It was feared that the grains would lose their ‘strength’ if shared with others not of the same faith.

Kefir unlike yoghurt contains a whole range of essential “friendly bacteria’s” that are vital for our digestive system to function normally. Our bodies are under constant attack from our environment. Pollutants, food preservatives, antibiotics, alcohol and toxins are a constantly depleting our intestinal bowel flora that is vital to digestion, our immune system and controlling inflammation. Kefir replenishes the “Good Bacteria” and suppresses the expansion of                “Bad Bacteria” in the colon. Daily consumption of Kefir can actively reverse the negative impact of our environmental challenges.

Kefir is important for our health, our children’s health and especially for the elderly and sick. We are comforted in the knowledge that eating Kefir daily is protecting us against many of today’s intestinal and colon diseases. It suppresses the overgrowth of Candida that is directly responsible for many types of inflammation and bowel diseases.

Is Kefir the food for the new millennium? When we started marketing our unique Kefir Maker in 1996, it became clear to us very early that the general public had no idea that this wonderful probiotic existed. Now things have changed and Kefir is in the spot light. We see all sorts of information peddled on the internet that makes us smile. It has always been our intention to improve the lives of the sick and we have customers that have used our Kefir Maker for over 30 years. It is encouraging for us to see that science and the medical profession is finally catching up with what we have been saying for years. It is our wish that we all can share the knowledge of Thomas Parr and pass it on for future generations.

Kefir Preserves our insides and is an invaluable food source that promotes health in general.

Dr. Bernard Jensen put his life into the research of health. He visited 50 countries to study people’s life styles and diets.
He eventually arrived at the conclusion that the colon dominates the general health and well being of people. We are generally unaware of the condition of our intestinal tracts.

An alarming report was given by Dr. Harvey W Kellogg, “Of all the 22,000 operations I have performed I have never found a single normal colon”.
Dr. Kellogg performed an experiment where he immersed a piece of raw meat in fermented milk, which was changed regularly. The meat remained perfectly free of decomposition for some 20 years.
If we introduce Kefir to our system, we introduce friendly acid loving bacteria. An acid bowel environment is the best defence against unfriendly bacteria.

Dr. Jensen said, “This bowel condition is the one from which man’s greatest health can be obtained”.

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